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We truly thank all our landowners! We have met many nice, kind people whom have allowed us to land on their properties. We appreciate all the kindness given to us and our passengers. Thanks always!!

Balloons Over America

Thanks you, Land Owners!

Steve and Kathy Ogle 11:31 PM on April 26, 2013 We enjoyed your landing on our property this evening! We were just sitting on the deck, having some wine and a fire, and there was your beautiful balloon! Feel free to land here anytime! We will be booking our own flight soon. Take care and be safe. The Ogles

The Ogles

Land Owners

WHAT A GREAT TIME!!!! From the wonderful ride over the Maryland countryside to the landing and toast and all the way back home with the chase crew and the Meyer family. If this is on your bucket list or not... this is the Balloon ride for you.

Scot Cave

Bliss Fest